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Recital by Malika, Mitra and Ritika at Vedic Cultural Center in Sammamish, WA Nishka giving a Lecture-Demonstration comparing Western and Hindustani music Nikita giving a solo recital accompanied by Jayant Bhopatkar


It was a complete privilege to be allowed to sit in your music class. Your command over Hindustani music is utterly incredible and highly nuanced. To hear you sing was a supremely satisfying experience.

Suraj Jain,CEO, MPPL
Our daughter has really enjoyed learning from you and has received a gift that she will carry with her for the rest of her life. Her vocal talents and musical interest in Hindustani classical music are entirely attributable to you – and for that we are very grateful

Rajesh and Alka Jhawar,
Parents of student Malika Jhawar
Vasu Aunty has not only been an amazing teacher but also a mentor and role model. She has helped me grow musically and helped me grow as a person. This summer she spent many hours helping me prepare for my recital. It has been a pleasure learning from her and I am so thankful to be her student. Vasu Aunty, thank you so much for all that you have done.

Nikita Jejurikar,
Over the past six years, Vasu Aunty has taken me on a journey that has not only given me knowledge and skill in Hindustani classical singing, but has also transformed me as a person. She has been an extremely warm and inspiring teacher, mentor, and friend. I used to be shy about singing in front of others; Vasu Aunty’s unshakable positive attitude and encouragement has made me confident in my ability to perform for others at every opportunity I get.

Nishka Mittal,
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