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Vasu Sundarraj - a versatile hindustani vocalist
Rendition of Saraswati Shloka by Vasu Sundarraj


Vasu Sundarraj is a prominent and well-established Hindustani vocalist in the greater Seattle area. She is a disciple of Pandit Jasraj, a timeless legend of Indian music, and Shri Narain Prasad, her first guru.

As a solo artist, Vasu has given performances in Khayal and devotional classical music in cities across the U.S., Canada and India. She was the first South Asian artist to perform at both the Experience Music Project and McCaw Hall, two of Seattle’s premier venues. Her original recordings were used for the feature film "Mixing Karma".

Vasu is also a dedicated teacher and community leader. Through her school, the Swaranjali School of Music, and her extensive involvement in philanthropic organizations, Vasu has used music as a vehicle to unite communities and bridge cultural divides. In recognition of her many contributions, Vasu was presented the Asian American Living Pioneer Award in 2005.

Prior to embarking on her career as a full-time professional musician, Vasu was a biomedical researcher at the University of Washington and a certified Montessori teacher at Sammamish Montessori School.
"Vasu has provided a forum for passing on our traditions to the next generation and has instilled a love for our music in every student. Through her school and many solo performances, Vasu has successfully kept the tradition of Indian music alive.”

Debadutta Dash, South Asian community leader
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